eegb | Drawing Research

eegb is a contemporary drawing and technology research duo. Our work takes many forms; drawings in a gallery, sculptural performance, interactive public installation, workshops and talks.

Edmund Eva and George Baldwin both studied BA(Hons) Drawing course at Falmouth University, first learning the observational skills and craft of drawing by hand. Later they pushed their understanding of the genre further, George Baldwin pursuing programming as his medium and Edmund Eva building mechanical tools to create imagery. Research driven by overlapping interests has led the two artists to form the research group eegb.

We build machines and robots that draw. We are interested in the anthropomorphic qualities of machines, how the act of drawing makes an audience apply human traits and characteristics. This in turn instigates a reflection on our own relationship and fascination with mark-making.

We are researching abstract models that use mathematical language to describe the behaviour of a system. These models range from those found throughout the natural world to those describing manmade constructs such as economics, sociology and politics. Each of these systems contain their own intrinsic aesthetic which we can visualise and investigate through drawing.


  • Golden Thread Gallery, Analogues Belfast 2015
  • Catalyst Gallery, Generate Belfast 2015
  • BP Loud Tate Code London 2014
  • RK Burt showcase Scope London 2014
  • Fascinate Digital Arts Conference, Falmouth 2014
  • BA(hons) Drawing Degree Show, Falmouth 2014
  • The Ariel Gallery Render Totnes 2012
  • RK Burt Render London 2012


  • Digital Art Studios, Belfast, Spring 2015


  • Visual Artist Ireland Digital art enthusiasts 2015
  • Ba Drawing Catalogue 2014
  • How does complexity emerge 2014
  • An exploration of the systems drawing genre and the technological influences 2014

Funding Awarded

  • Digital Arts Studios equipment grant 2015
  • IdeasTap Innovators Fund 2015
  • Fascinate Conference 2015


  • George
    Falmouth University
    BA (Hons) Drawing 2014
    Diploma in Foundation Studies (Art & Design) 2011

  • Edmund
    Falmouth University
    BA (Hons) Drawing 2014
    Diploma in Foundation Studies (Art & Design) 2011